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FAQs to get your truck listed at Food Truck Tacoma

WHY should I get my truck listed here?

Many businesses in Pierce County would like to hire food trucks but finding trucks that are licensed to business here has traditionally been tricky.  Bringing trucks down from Seattle is costly.  This site focuses on you- Food Trucks licensed to operate in Pierce County so that businesses and customers can find trucks easily in our own neighborhoods.

Don’t have a website or Facebook page yet?  This is a great way to get information about your truck onto the web so people know how to contact you, where to find you and what you do if you’ve not set up your own pages yet.

For Trucks Licensed to Operate in Pierce County (permanent licenses)

Let us know how to find you.  Keep in mind that this page will be used by your customers looking to find your delicious food AND people trying to hire you for events.  Information we’ll need (if you have it):

  • website
  • contact name
  • contact phone number
  • contact email
  • Facebook page- let’s grow your following!
  • Twitter handle- we’ll have a twitter stream posted here soon, you should be on it!
  • Where can people find you?  Do you have a solid location that doesn’t change or do you move?
  • What type of food do you serve?
  • What type of payment do you accept?
  • Schedule- if you have a regular schedule let us know that too!

For Trucks Licensed to Operate in Other Counties Willing To Travel

This site is primarily dedicated to folks who have a commissary and permanent license to operate in Pierce County.  Because of the huge costs to get a temporary permit to operate in Pierce County many trucks find doing business outside of their regular county to be cost prohibitive.  If you’d still like to be listed and you do not have a Pierce County License please let us know that.  We will be listing you on a separate page so folks know that there may be an extra cost to hire a truck from out of the county.  Let us know the following:

  • website
  • contact name
  • contact phone number
  • type of food
  • cost associated with bringing your truck to Pierce County- Do you have a minimum charge or fee?  If it varies simply let us know that.  If there is no fee or minimum let us know that too.

HOW do I get info to you?

Check out the contact form!


The site was started primarily to make the hard business of finding Pierce County Food Trucks a little bit easier by creating a single place for folks to find trucks.

Let’s all work together to make Pierce County the next Food Truck capital of the world (or maybe just Washington)!


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